History of Excellence

Since our inception, Edina Eye has aspired to be the region’s leading resource for comprehensive eye care and optical service. In over 50 years, much has changed, but our commitment to our patients’ total eye care and lifelong satisfaction remains. It is the foundation of our company and the reason for our success.

Origin and Evolution

Better eye care right from the start.

In 1963 Dr. John A. Nilsen saw an opportunity to provide his neighbors with the kind of personalized care he knew they needed close to home. The fact that Dr. Nilsen was an elite eye doctor made the original Edina practice an exciting new endeavor and set the foundation for what has become the premier eye care facility in the Twin Cities.

Through the years many dedicated physicians and surgeons have helped us stay on top of new technologies and innovative procedures, and today from those modest beginnings we’ve grown to become one of the nation’s leading resources for medical, surgical and cosmetic eye care and optical service. Just as it was in the early days of our company, it is the collective expertise and experience of our doctors that truly separates Edina Eye from the competition. We also treat each of our patients with a personal, conscientious approach that typically makes them patients for life.

Philosophy of Care

Expertise with a human touch.

Over the course of half a century we have built an impeccable reputation by maintaining an unyielding commitment to excellence and by providing our patients with comprehensive, individualized care. When you put your trust in Edina Eye, you can be sure you’ll receive the highest level of total eye care, built on our own standard of excellence:

  • Appropriate Eye Care for Your Optimal Eye Health
  • Exceptional, Personalized Care
  • Most Advanced Technology
  • Patient-First Service and Convenience
  • Affordable Products and Services

Advanced Technology

The ultimate performance always at your service.

Eye care technology is constantly advancing, and at Edina Eye we’ve kept our patients in step by using the latest in approved products and processes. Regardless of your needs, as our patient you can be sure we’ll take care of you with the industry’s leading technology and procedures.

Edina Eye Today

The Twin Cities’ total eye experts.’

Over a half century we’ve gained your trust by providing world-class eye care close to home. Your convenience and satisfaction remain our chief pursuit at Edina Eye. We have widespread locations to serve you and make it our mission to personally know each of our patients to ensure you always receive consistent, personalized care.

Twin Cities Eye Consultants at the 2022 Vision Walk

Our team was recognized as the Largest Team in 2022!