Periocular Cosmetic Procedures

Our eyes distinguish us and it’s universal to want to maintain not only our vision, but also our looks. At Edina Eye we specialize in performing world-class cosmetic procedures. Whether it’s a matter of choice or a medical necessity, you can be sure your procedure will be performed with the ideal balance of medical expertise and surgical excellence.


Eyelids artfully tightened, vision restored.

A blepharoplasty, also called eyelid reduction, is the removal of excess skin from the upper or lower eyelid. It is a common and highly successful procedure that can provide both a rejuvenated appearance and relief from impaired vision. At Edina Eye we have a great history of helping patients with eyelid problems and encourage you to schedule an appointment if you are having issues. We’ll verify if you have a condition and help you understand it if you do. We’ll explain your treatment options, including blepharoplasty, and help you determine if your treatment is covered by insurance or Medicare.

  • Upper Blepharoplasty – Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid is typically performed to remove excess fatty deposits that appear as puffiness. It is also performed to remove loose skin that sags over the upper eyelid and impairs vision.
  • Lower Blepharoplasty – Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid is typically performed to remove excess skin and fine wrinkles. It can also correct bags under the eyes and excessive droopiness of the lower lids.

If the excess skin is only a cosmetic issue, perhaps creating a tired look, insurance or Medicare will likely not pay for the procedure. This is typically the case with a lower blepharoplasty. To have the procedure covered for a lower blepharoplasty, the patient would likely have had to have previous surgery or evidence of pathology.

If the excess skin is causing vision problems, which is often the case with upper lids, insurance or Medicare may cover the surgery. Your doctor will help you understand your condition and the likelihood of coverage.

Brow and Forehead Lifts

Remarkable results that naturally rejuvenate.

Areas above the eye can be treated to improve appearance and sometimes improve vision. A low or sagging brow that hoods the upper eyelid can impair a patient’s eyesight. In these instances insurance or Medicare may cover the procedure. Typically, however, these are elective procedures performed to minimize expression lines and other signs of aging. In any instance, it’s important your surgeon specializes in the eyelids, orbit, eyebrows and forehead and has also had extensive training in ophthalmic plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Brow Lift

A brow lift describes any procedure that elevates the brows. The procedure can also include the forehead and the terms are often used interchangeably.

Artful raising of the brow creates a younger and more alert appearance by minimizing the frown lines and vertical creases that develop between the eyebrows. Creases high on the bridge of the nose can also be minimized with a brow lift.

At Edina Eye we take a personalized approach with each patient, customizing the procedure to achieve specific and lasting results. Where we make your incisions depends on your eyes and face. Your surgeon will clearly explain your options and how to best proceed to rejuvenate your appearance.

Forehead Lift

A forehead lift describes procedures that raise the forehead (and eyebrows) and procedures that shorten the forehead to minimize a high hairline. In both instances, lines and creases are minimized and a more youthful appearance restored.

As with brow lifts, your Edina Eye surgeon will take a personalized approach to your forehead lift, choosing areas of incision that best serve your appearance.

Ectropian and Entropion

Restoring function and comfort to problem eyelids.

Treating abnormalities of the eyelid is an Edina Eye specialty and we encourage you to schedule an appointment if you are suffering from ectropion, entropion or any other eyelid disorder. We have a history of successfully treating these conditions and will help you understand your situation and treatment options. Insurance and Medicare typically cover medical treatment of ectropion and entropion.


With ectropion, the eyelid droops down and away from the eye, on one or both sides. In severe cases, the out-turned lid is exposed. The condition is most prevalent in the lower lid and is typically caused by the aging and weakening of the eyelid’s connective tissues. Some patients are also born with the condition or develop it as a result of facial nerve paralysis, trauma, scarring, previous surgeries or skin cancer.

Symptoms of ectropion include dry eyes, irritation, excessive tearing, chronic conjunctivitis, keratitis and redness of the lid and eye. Lubricants are sometimes used to relieve dryness and protect the cornea. Surgical repair typically involves tightening the muscles that hold the eyelids in place. This is an extremely successful procedure, often performed in the office and with immediate and gratifying results.


With entropion, the eyelid turns inward against the eyeball. In severe cases, the out-turned lid is exposed. Typically seen in the lower lid, entropion is usually caused by the aging and weakening of the eyelid’s connective tissues. Some patients develop it as a result of trauma, scarring, or previous surgeries. The condition can also occur in children.

Entropion needs to be treated to prevent permanent damage to the eye as excessive tearing and discharge can scratch the cornea. Acute sensitivity to light can also develop and potentially lead to infections, as well as corneal abrasions and ulcers. Your Edina Eye doctor will discuss your treatment options, including surgery to tighten your eyelids or non-incisional repairs if surgery is not suitable. Entropion treatment is also very successful, but should be performed by an ophthalmologist with extensive knowledge of eyelid function.

Eyelash Treatment

Successful treatment for thinning eyelashes.

Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes results in inadequate lash growth. Fortunately, weʼre seeing our patients grow longer, fuller, darker lashes with a simple treatment called Latisse.


Latisse is a topical solution that promotes lash growth. The product is becoming more widely available and offers patients a convenience that makes it tempting to bypass consultation with an ophthalmologist. But while results are generally excellent, Latisse treatments should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor. Besides the more common side effects of redness, itchiness, and irritation, Latisse has also been known to cause eyelid discoloration. If detected early, that condition may be reversible. A rarer side effect is the darkening of the patientʼs eye color, potentially even turning bright blue eyes to a dark brown. This condition can be permanent.

While Latisse offers sufferers of hypotrichosis a very good chance of fuller lash growth, the side effects support the need for a doctorʼs continued involvement.

Medical and Cosmetic Perfection

The artistry of natural.

Maybe you’ve heard that the finest cosmetic procedures are the ones you don’t notice. That is generally true and an Edina Eye hallmark. But it’s also true we excel at cosmetic procedures you notice immediately, like surgery to treat periocular cancer or trauma. Whatever your reason or need for our services, you can be sure that at Edina Eye, caring for your health and vision is our first concern. It is, in fact, our expertise in the complexities of the eye area that allows us to perform such delicate and visually superior procedures.

Periocular Trauma

Leading the advances in health, vision and appearance.

Advancements in technology continue to improve treatment options for our patients who have sustained a severe injury around the eye. In the hands of our gifted surgeons, these innovations offer real opportunities to save both a patient’s vision and appearance. Our proficiency in medicine and cosmetic artistry give Edina Eye patients their best prognosis for a positive outcome.

We also treat a broad range of lesser traumas that still require an artful approach to periocular cosmetic improvement. Because Edina Eye is first and foremost a medical clinic dedicated to advanced eye health, you can be certain all of our procedures are of the highest medical standards.

Many of the eye traumas we see happened to young people, and many of these injuries might have been avoided had the injured person been wearing protective eyewear. We encourage our young patients to wear goggles or a similar form of protection when participating in activities where eyes are particularly vulnerable to contact and injury. This recommendation extends to active adults. We offer a wide variety of protective eyewear and are specialists at helping determine the best solution for each patient. Please ask your doctor for more information.

Periocular Tumors and Skin Cancer

Expertise that protects your health and your appearance.

Cancers around the eye and eyelid are not rare and typically involve the most common and treatable forms of the disease. Patients often detect a sudden growth or change in appearance around their eyes or on an eyelid, or their eye doctor notes the condition during an eye examination.

As with all cancers, early detection is essential and patients of Edina Eye can be sure our expertise extends to the diagnosis and treatment of periocular cancers. We also encourage our patients to look for changes to their appearance and schedule an appointment upon finding anything suspicious. People with fair skin and a history of time in the sun should take special care to check themselves for spots and growths.

If a cancer is found, youʼll have the ideal medical team working for you. Our foundation in medicine ensures you receive the best treatment for your health, and our skill and expertise in periocular cosmetics ensure you receive the best approach for your appearance.

The Perfect Convergence of Art and Medicine

Perhaps no service suffers from such a greater discrepancy in expertise and performance. On one end you can find mobile spas and temporary businesses anxious to provide cheap injections. On the other end you have trusted facilities and world-class doctors who understand the medicine involved. At Edina Eye, we bring the highest medical standards and ethics to each procedure we perform, providing our patients with a medically sound treatment that is both natural and enduring.