Intraocular Lens Implants

Advancing technology and medical expertise continue to minimize risk and improve the performance characteristics of artificial lenses implanted into the human eye. At Edina Eye, we have been pioneers in helping our patients achieve the ultimate benefits of this precise and extremely beneficial procedure.

An Evolution of Excellence

Experts at advanced vision.

Before intraocular lenses (IOLs), people with cataracts or other lens issues could only wear thick, high-powered eyeglasses to regain part of their lost vision once their natural lenses were removed. Today, people with artificial lenses are often free of glasses, or require them only in low powers or for certain tasks. They’re also enjoying some of the clearest vision of their lives.

Helping You Understand Your Choices

Introduced in experimental stages after the Second World War, the perfection of IOLs had seen slow, but made steady progress over the last half century. In the last decade, advancements have surged, giving patients – and their surgeons – more options for treating specific conditions and corrections. While early surgeries were restricted to a single focus thermal plastic lens, today patients can choose from several state-of-the-art materials and with multiple powers within a single lens.

In fact, the choices can get complex. At Edina Eye, we emphasize educating our patients so we can work together to choose a lens material and type that is ideal for your eye health and lifestyle.

Safe and Remarkably Clear

A person’s natural lens is essential for focusing light and achieving clear vision. An artificial lens fulfills that vital task. Once implanted in position of the removed natural lens, an IOL will restore vision with improved clarity and without affecting peripheral vision, depth perception or image size. Although complications do arise, rarely, IOLs are designed to remain permanently in place without need for further care other than that received through regular eye examinations. Patients do not feel the lens in place and they are imperceptible to the human eye.

Physicians and Surgeons

Advanced technology in the perfect hands.

The physicians and surgeons of Edina Eye are experts at the whole of intraocular lens implantation, from understanding the intricacies and variances of lens materials and types to performing the most complex micro implant surgeries. And as with all Edina Eye surgeries, we will care for you throughout the process, from diagnosis to decision-making, through surgery and ongoing management. At Edina Eye we take care of our patients’ eye health for life and we look forward to seeing you for a visit.