Not Even a Doctor Can Achieve Precise Measurements Over the Internet

There is a growing and alarming trend for people to conduct their own eye examinations and measurements online in hopes of quickly ordering new, inexpensive eyeglasses from a discount website. Technology has made incredible advances, yes, but they do not extend to these precise sciences.

We will provide you with your prescription if you choose to purchase eyewear online, but we cannot provide measurements without also fabricating the glasses as we cannot guarantee the product. We will verify the prescription of your online purchase if you’d like.

The Problem with Online Prescriptions

Your eyes are priceless and only a doctor can tell you your prescription and other aspects of your eye health. Besides the dubious nature of achieving an accurate prescription, online examinations also rob patients of the opportunity for a doctor to find early signs of problem eye conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

The Problem with Online Measurements

No two faces are the same and to fulfill the prescription of the lens, the glasses themselves must be properly fitted to each face by a skilled optical professional. We take great care to accurately adjust and precisely measure how each pair of glasses fit on each patient’s face before we submit any order to the laboratory. It is the only way to ensure that the prescription power, as measured by the doctor, is precise and in proper alignment. A person cannot possibly achieve the exacting standards of an in-person examination, where results are measured in millimeters. Likewise, statistics show eyeglasses ordered online have a great propensity for failing impact tests and prescription-accuracy evaluations.

Know the Statistics Before You Purchase Online

A recent survey published by the journal Optometry showed 45 percent of prescription glasses ordered online failed at least one parameter of impact testing or optical testing. Findings make the case that buying online significantly increases the risk of errors in the type of lenses provided, the optical parameters and in protective features. Alarmingly, 29 percent of children’s glasses failed impact testing.

Critical Tolerances Are Difficult to Achieve Even in an Office

Optical professionals typically measure monocularly to an accuracy of 0.5mm. That’s 1/64 of an inch. Measurements made at home are guesses and will not achieve the accuracy you want in your eyeglasses, except through luck. Please also note prescriptions for bifocals, progressive lenses and stronger prescriptions have especially critical tolerances and as such are even riskier purchases.

Low-Quality Frames Compound the Problem

Many frames purchased online are of lesser craftsmanship, often made with sub-optimal materials with questionable standards of quality. How they appear on your face is one risk, their durability is another, as is their ability to deliver the proper prescription.

You Have No Guarantee

One recurring story from people who have purchased online eyewear is the difficulty in remedying poorly functioning products. At Edina Eye, we guarantee every prescription, and if your doctor finds a change within your prescription within 90 days, we’ll remake your glasses free of charge.

You Lose the Edina Eye Advantage

Patients who purchase their eyewear from Edina Eye are beneficiaries of a long list of value-added services. Unfortunately, patients who purchase their eyewear elsewhere will not receive these important enhancements:

  • Eyewear needs and lifestyle assessment
  • Vocational needs assessment
  • Lens evaluation, selection and warranty
  • Lens options and enhancements
  • Multifocal lens evaluation and options
  • Frame evaluation, selection and warranty
  • Frame fit guarantee
  • Minor repairs free of charge
  • Measurements, including eye size, bridge size, temple length, segment height, vertical optical center and pupillary distance