Eyewear Specialists

The vision demands in todays world requires the services of expert professionals.  The special needs are endless; computers, sports, night driving, etc., it takes an expert to help find what is best for you.

Advances in eyewear technology continue to improve the optics and performance of lenses of all types, including progressive “bifocal” lenses, sunglasses, photograys or Transitions*, children’s eyewear, safety and sport glasses, polarization and different lens coatings to help with glare and scratches.  The complexity of lenses requires the expertise of skilled opticians in the selection and fitting process.  It is also imperative to have the highest caliber lab for the critical steps involved in making your specific prescription.  This is followed by your final fitting once your glasses are made and potential adjustments later if needed.

What is Your Expertise?

Our medical background inspires a special level of excellence and you’ll see it in the clarity of your prescription and the quality of your eyewear.


Are My Lenses Made to Precision?

We use only the newest and best lens materials and designs, each proven to excel and accurately matched to your prescription.


Is There a Wide Selection?

Our frame buyers have access to all the latest styles, materials, colors  and traditional classic styles. You will find frames that look and feel great.


Will My Glasses Fit?

Our experienced opticians will make sure you get the ideal frame and lens combination for a great fit and the best visual clarity possible.


Do You Have Lens Enhancements?

We will educate you on premium lens enhancements and how they improve your total visual experience.


What Are My Best Options With My Lifestyle? 

How you live and work drives what kind of eyewear best suits your lifestyle. We will help you identify your best options.


Our Commitment to Value

We will always deliver the best products for reasonable prices.


Do You Have a Warranty?

All eyewear sold here comes with a one year warranty on the lenses and the frame. The lenses will be replaced once for scratches from normal wear and the frames will be replaced or repaired due to manufacturers defect. The prescription will be remade within 90 days of the purchase should the Dr. find a change is needed.

Special Events

A few times each year we invite several of our frame representatives to bring in their entire collections for you to look at. This way you are able to see all the sizes and colors in one place. We call them Trunk Shows. We also have special offers throughout the year that reward you for your loyalty. Please look for special promotions on our website.

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One life, one pair of eyes, one resource to optimize them.

Edina Eye’s doctors and eyewear specialists take the necessary time and steps to ensure your eyeglasses fit you perfectly and deliver the full power of your prescription. We’ll take care of you in a comfortable, professional setting and make sure you understand all your fashion, safety and quality options. We excel at helping people choose the ideal eyewear for their personal style and lifestyle and we look forward to doing the same for you.