Expert Eye Examinations

At Edina Eye, we are proud to provide care for a broad range of patients across the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metro area and strive to make each of their eye exams pleasant and convenient. What sets us apart, however, is the quality of the care we provide with such convenience. World-class eye care close to home – That’s Edina Eye.

Comprehensive Evaluations

Regular, routine eye examinations are essential for every person. There is no alternative for maintaining healthy vision and identifying eye problems. At Edina Eye we recommend yearly eye examinations as the standard for conscientious eye care. Adults under the age of 40 with no history of eye problems and no history of family eye disease may require less frequent examinations. We also recommend infants and children follow their own standard examination schedule to ensure young eyes are functioning properly. Please click here to learn more about pediatric eye examinations.

Four-Step Process

All eye exams are not the same and there is nothing routine about how we examine each of our patient’s eyes. At Edina Eye we pride ourselves on delving deeper, taking nothing for granted, treating each patient as though we were caring for their most prized possessions. We are, and we’ll do the same for you, applying our world-class expertise and industry-leading technology to ensure your examination is comprehensive and precise.

Your Edina Eye technician will measure your eyes for focusing power and how much, if any, correction is required. Our technicians are accomplished professionals, highly trained and committed to providing you with expert care. After reviewing your results, your technicians will share the measurements with your doctor.

Your Edina Eye doctor will review your eye measurements with you, explaining in detail the meaning and importance of each piece of the equation. Your doctor will also personally inspect your eyes, looking for abnormalities such as corneal disorders, cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

We engage our patients in their own eye health, encouraging them to ask questions and become knowledgeable about the condition of their eyes. In this step you talk with your doctor about your results and get answers to your questions about your eyes and vision.

Once you have a clear understanding of your eye health and vision quality, you’ll meet with your Edina Eye optician to discuss your eyewear needs. For eyeglasses, you’ll work with leading stylists to assist you in choosing the eyewear that best suits your eyes and your face. For contact lenses, your personal specialist will help ensure your contacts provide the ideal vision, fit and comfort. At Edina Eye we help our patients choose the healthy solution that best balances fashion and function.

Eyewear Considerations

Selecting the right eyewear – done right – is an exacting process, but one we make easy at Edina Eye. We take into account things most people do not consider when specifying eyewear, and that includes other eyewear providers. Please click here to learn more about our superior process and performance.

Contact Lens Considerations

Likewise, not all contact lenses – and certainly not all contact lens fittings – are created equal. We help our patients choose lenses that truly fit their lifestyle and then ensure performance with the most precise fittings in the area.

Eye Diseases and Disorders

You want an expert looking into your eyes.

Edina Eye recommends yearly eye examinations for all patients, especially those 40 or more years of age. One of the primary tenets of comprehensive ophthalmology is to regularly monitor the eye to identify conditions as early as possible. Time spent with your eye doctor is productive time spent helping prevent vision loss. With early detection, you and your doctor can minimize the effects and put you on a management plan that will maximize the success of your treatment.

Eye conditions do occur, of course, diagnosed through various forms of evaluation and managed with various forms of treatment. The physicians and surgeons at Edina Eye bring you the area’s ultimate collection of expertise, covering all types of common and atypical conditions. Our breadth of experience and ability to optimize advanced technology put our patients in exceptional hands. We are proficient in dealing with rare and unusual cases and excel at diagnosing and treating the most common ailments.

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration

Eye Injuries

Comprehensive medical and reconstructive care.

Whether you have recently injured your eye or are dealing with a recurring problem, the doctors at Edina Eye are your total resource for all aspects of the injury. We’re also accomplished at detecting problems caused by damage suffered long ago. Sometimes new symptoms are the result of old injuries. Sometimes new injuries lead to secondary problems, including cataracts and glaucoma.

If the problem caused by your injury is medical, you can be sure you have one of the top eye doctors in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area dedicated to your eye health and vision. Our doctors typically refer with one another, giving our patients a superior level of professional analysis and optimal treatment possibilities.

If the problem caused by your injury is cosmetic, you should know Edina Eye has the leading periocular surgeons in the region, as well as cosmetic and Botox specialists with the expertise and artfulness to improve physical appearance altered by an injury.

Physicians and Surgeons

Your dedicated eye experts for life.

The doctors of Edina Eye are total eye experts and members of the most accomplished team of physicians and surgeons in the Twin Cities. Our combined experience and competence make us your ultimate resource for advanced eye care. What makes our credentials even more meaningful is our unwavering commitment to providing you with continuous, conscientious care on an individualized level. We know our patients and their conditions well, and know that is the best way to provide quality, comprehensive eye care.