Medical Contact Lenses in Minneapolis

Since 1963 Edina Eye has been a leader in contact lens excellence, evolving with technology and continuously providing our patients with the most advanced fitting techniques and the latest lens materials. We also have unique medical expertise and experience to ensure the highest level of comprehensive eye care.

Superior Evaluation and Fit Make a Clear Difference

After a thorough eye evaluation by one of our doctors, one of our certified contact lens technicians will take time with each patient to ensure the best contact lens experience for their unique situation. Each pair of eyes is precious, and at Edina Eye we make sure your lens design, material and wear schedule are in perfect balance for your eyes and your lifestyle. Find which contacts may be a good fit for you here.

You Don’t Have to Settle for So-So Vision

Until they visit Edina Eye, many patients don’t realize how much they’ve been missing. The perfect lens and ideal fit make all the difference, especially in the hands of gifted doctors who add a special level of expertise to every examination. The result is the best contact lens experience of your life.

You can make it even better by practicing simple, sensible contact lens care. You should know wearing contact lenses can put you at risk of eye infections and other serious conditions that can develop quickly and in rare cases cause blindness. The source and seriousness of a problem needs to be evaluated by a doctor. To diminish the risks associated with contact lens wear proper care and cleaning along with regular monitoring is essential. It is important to see your doctor for an expert’s view and to monitor your eye health throughout your life.

Ideal Care for Your Lenses

  • Rub and rinse your contact lenses as directed by your doctor
  • Rub the lenses gently daily, even if the solutions is labelled, “No Rub”
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses according to labeling instructions
  • Discard leftover solution after each use
  • Do not reuse lens solution
  • Rinse the case with hot tap water and leave the case open to air dry
  • Remove your contact lenses before swimming*
  • Do not expose contact lenses to water*
  • For overnight lenses, rest eyes for at least one night following each scheduled removal
  • Replace worn, soiled contact lens cases with new cases
  • Replace your storage case every three to six months, minimum
  • Replace disposable lenses at the prescribed intervals

*Tap and distilled water have been associated with acanthamoeba keratitis, a corneal infection resistant to treatment and cure. Risk of eye infection from bacteria increases when wearing contact lenses in swimming pool water, hot tubs, lakes, and the ocean. At Edina Eye we recommend you do not expose your contact lenses to any kind of water.

Recommended Care for Your Eyes

  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or contact lenses
  • Keep your fingernails trimmed smoothly, especially if you wear soft lenses
  • Avoid using any brand of get-the-red-out eye drops while wearing contact lenses
  • Use lubricating drops specified for contacts whenever your eyes feel dry while wearing contact lenses
  • Use lubricating drops specified for contacts if a contact lens sticks to the eye during removal, waiting several before removing it
  • Never wet contact lenses by putting them in your mouth

Adapting to New Contacts

It is important your corneas are able to adapt to the decrease in oxygen during contact lens wear. Start by wearing your contacts for four hours the first day and add two hours per day. Do not exceed 12 hours of continuous wear until you have had a follow-up exam. If your eyes become irritated, remove the lenses for the day. On the next day, resume your schedule with the hour count of the prior day. Irritated eyes can be a signal your eyes need a slower adaptation schedule.

Monitoring and Maximizing Vision

Contact lenses are classified as a medical device/drug by the FDA and need to be monitored on a regular basis. The length of time a contact lens prescription is valid is determined by your physician and is typically one to two years, maximum. New eye examinations and contact lens evaluations are required and are in the best interest of the patient. Your Edina Eye expert will ensure you have the ideal contact lenses for your eye, your health and lifestyle. Your Edina Eye doctor is also be your personal expert on your eyes and your condition and will help you monitor your vision for life.

Expertise You Can See

In a region rich with health care, the doctors at Edina Eye stand apart as your premier eye experts. No other resource can provide you with such comprehensive care. Our doctors and technicians insist on the highest levels of conscientious care and that means spending time with you to ensure you receive the care your eyes deserve. Make an appointment with one of contact lens experts for a superior evaluation and the finest fit possible.

Contact Lenses from an Expert Point-of-View

Edina Eye doctors and certified contact lens technicians take a personalized approach with each patient we serve, ensuring your contacts perfectly fit your eyes and your lifestyle. Make an appointment today and see what you’ve been missing.