Is Cataract Surgery Right for You?

We’ll help you understand your ideal options.

When cataracts are in their early stages, you may be able to manage the problem with an updated prescription to your glasses or contact lenses. But as they further develop, your loss of vision may start to interfere with how you enjoy and engage in everyday activities like reading or driving.

Your eye doctor will help determine whether you are an ideal candidate for cataract surgery. Your doctor will assess your current eye health and review your medical history to make sure you don’t have pre-existing conditions that would rule out the procedure. You don’t necessarily need surgery as soon as you discover that you have cataracts, as they can often be managed for years with glasses or contact lenses before they start to inhibit your lifestyle. Your doctor can help you determine when it becomes appropriate.

To implant most intraocular lenses, Edina Eye surgeons use state-of-the-art microincision techniques, also called “no-stitch” and “clear corneal” incisions. During this procedure, the natural lens is first removed from the eye using an ultrasonic hand instrument. Next, your surgeon uses the instrument to deliver the intraocular lens through the incision. To safeguard the placement, the lens is first folded; once in place, the lens is unfolded and fixed into position inside the eye.

This is a minimally invasive technique conducted under local anesthesia and involves no sutures, resulting in faster healing and fewer complications than achieved with conventional surgical methods. Patients also appreciate that this entire procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.

Physicians and Surgeons

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Our accomplished physicians and surgeons and advanced technologies give our cataract patients world-class care close to home. We’ll care for you throughout the process, from diagnosis through surgery. But our care won’t stop there. At Edina Eye we take care of our patients’ eye health for life, and we look forward to doing the same for you.