Botox and Fillers

The medical approach to a smoother appearance.

Botox is a great advancement against wrinkles, especially in the hands of a medical professional who understands periocular biology and function. Because we are first and foremost a medical practice, at Lagos Aesthetics we first used Botox to treat certain nerve disorders of the eye and continue that practice today. Medical use of Botox is advanced treatment and not a procedure you’ll find performed at a medi spa. But today Lagos Aesthetics also offers Botox as a cosmetic treatment, providing our patients with a more medically sound procedure that also promises superior results because of our comprehensive understanding of the tissues and makeup of the periocular region.

We also offer fillers where Botox is insufficient. Generally, Botox relieves superficial wrinkles most evident when we smile, frown, and squint. If the wrinkles are deeper and visible at rest, then fillers are often necessary. If wrinkles and creases are present at rest and worsen with facial expressions, then Botox and fillers may be advised.


Botox is a natural, purified protein produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It was first used by ophthalmologists to treat nerve disorders and later by cosmetic practitioners to minimize facial expression lines. Lagos Aesthetics provides both services at an advanced level.

A single, simple Botox injection is an effective method for reducing wrinkles or creases in your forehead and eyebrows. At Lagos Aesthetics we inject a minimal amount of Botox into specific muscle areas. The specialized procedure takes only a few minutes and results in an appearance that is naturally youthful. Effects last up to three months or longer.

Our careful, knowledgeable methodology makes subsequent injections safe and effective, with results often lasting longer than the original injections.


While Botox relaxes muscles to prevent wrinkles, injectable fillers fill in the lower areas caused by the wrinkles. At Lagos Aesthetics we use several injectable treatments. The best treatment for you can be assessed and discussed at a non-obligation appointment with one of our periocular cosmetic specialists.

Along with filling in creases, we also use injectable fillers to treat acne scars, to fill out and better define cheekbones, and to fill in the hollow areas under the eyes that create dark circles. We also use fillers to enlarge lips.

These procedures are typically elective and not covered by insurance or Medicare. In some instances, however, previous surgeries, skin cancer, and trauma can require filler treatments that are covered. Your doctor will help you understand your treatment and payment options.

The Perfect Convergence of Art and Medicine

Perhaps no service suffers from such a greater discrepancy in expertise and performance. On one end you can find mobile spas and temporary businesses anxious to provide cheap injections. On the other end you have trusted facilities and world-class doctors who understand the medicine involved. At Lagos Aesthetics, we bring the highest medical standards and ethics to each procedure we perform, providing our patients with a medically sound treatment that is both natural and enduring.

Your Ideal Appearance Is a Click Away

The complexities of the eye extend to the areas around the eye. Different densities of skin and types of tissue are medical realities that must be studied and understood by anyone performing periocular cosmetic procedures. The specialists at Lagos Aesthetics are foremost experts on all things periocular and in fact teach on the topic. They’re also ready to put their talent to work for you.

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